Error caused by running c_null_model_und_sign

Submitted by Chih-Hao on

Dear All,

I get an error when I click "generate" in the Network Construction panel.

(The version of MATLAB is 2020b)

I try it several times, but it always happens, even when I don't click Calculate Graph Matrics and Raw Matrix.

To avoid any conflict between toolboxes, All toolboxes, but GraphVar, are removed.

I attach a picture for showing the details of my setting.

Very high t-values

Submitted by njl0930 on

Dear all,

I'm getting very high t-values from the GLM (screenshot attached). I wondered if this is an issue due to my setup (also attached) or potentially something else? I also can also only export the f-values, the t-values do not seem to export when I save the results.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Normality of Graph Metrics?

Submitted by TimesNewRoman1 on

Hello Johann, 

I've noticed that some graph theory studies use parametric statistics and others non-parametric. I am not sure how they checked for normality of graph metrics. Is there a way in GraphVar to check the distribution of the graph metrics in order to determine whether to run parametric or non-parametric statistics?

Thanks in advance!


Normalizing "Clustering Coefficient local"

Submitted by Marieke on

Dear all,

I want to normalize the local CC. In contrast to the global CC and global and local characteristic path length, however, I encounter the following error:

"Normalization error: some metrics derived from random networks result in zero which cannot be used for normalization."

Is there any way I can solve this? When  I look into the MATLAB file, the file truly contains several zeros. How is this possible?

Thank you so much!