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What should my ALFF, fALFF, reHO and FC results look like after DAPRSF processing

Hi All,

I am an Intern and so I am new to matlab and DPARSF, so basically I have been given 2 sets of fmri data to anaylyze, one from an Alzheimer's group  the other  a control group. 


gui_mainfcn.m line 204 problem

Hi All,

I am having an issue when calling up the DPARSF program  on matlab. When I type in the command DPARSF , I get an error message exactly as follows,



Unexpected normalization output

When processing my data for one subject, I ended up with a lot of noise in the FunRawARglobalCWS folder when I expected the data to be cleaner. Does this have something to do with the fact that the NIFTI files are in 4D rather than 3D? I attached a screenshot of the image below. The DPARSFA settings that I am using are also attached. When reorienting the functional and T1 NIFTIs, my process is to put in -45 and -25 to center the image on the viewer then pressing "Reorient", is this correct? Final question: can you tell me what each of the folder-names mean?


用dpabi v2.3做静息态功能连接的几个问题


我最近在用dpabi 2.3版做静息态功能连接,预处理选择realign, T1 DICOM to NIFTI, T1 Coreg to Fun, Segment, Normalise, Smooth, Detrend, Nuisance Covariates Regression (Friston 24, WM, CSF, Global), Filter, Scrubbing(按默认参数), FC。我的疑问如下:

1. 这些处理步骤对于功能连接来说是否有缺失或多余?

2. 因为我目前只是想做功能连接,所以想问下scrubbing是否有必要做?

3. 如果要做scrubbing,是在Nuisance Covariates Regression这步选择Head motion scrubbing regressors(按默认参数),还是像我现在的处理一样,选择Filter之后的“Scrubbing”?

Extracting ROI Signals

Hi everybody,
I have a problem with extracting ROI signals that is driving me crazy, I hope I can find the answer here.


Analysis With GM Volume as Covariates

Dear experts,

I am trying to perform an ALFF analysis with dpabi. I want to introduce the GM volume as a covariate in the two-sample t-test.

I think that I have to introduce this covariate in "covariate images" option in the statistical analysis, but What kind of images should I use?

I have the segmented and dartel images for all subjects, but I don't know if these images are the correct ones.





black region in the bottom of image for ReHo

Dear experts 

I preprocessed dicom files from FunRaw to smoothed ReHo image by DPARSF. The whole process was error-free, but the bottom regions of the szReHo image including cerebellum and pons were shown  as  black. I think there was a problem with preprocessing, but I do not know exactly what the problem is. I attached files created during preprocessing. I would like to ask you for your expert advice. Thank you



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