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The R-fMRI Course V3.0 English Version

New features of DPABI_V4.3_200401

New features of DPABI_V4.3_200401 (download at http://rfmri.org/dpabi, please also update the docker file by: docker pull cgyan/dpabi):

FieldMap Correction

Hi all,

I’m encountering a problem with the FieldMap Correction in DPARSF pointing to

DPARSFA_run (line 812): „Index exceeds matrix dimensions.“

 I have 2 phase dicoms and 2 magnitude dicoms per slice and as far as I can tell the nii look ok and are saved in the correct folder.

The settings I have used are

Cfg.FieldMap.IsNeedConvertDCM2IMG: 1

Cfg.FieldMap.IsCalculateVDM: 1

Cfg.FieldMap.EPIBasedFieldMap: 0

Cfg.FieldMap.IsFieldMapCorrectionUnwarpRealign: 1

Cfg.FieldMap.TE1: 0

Cfg.FieldMap.TE2: 0



问题一:在使用dpabi的时候,我们可以获取到功能连接矩阵,是不是文件夹Results \ ROISignals_FunImgARCWF \ ROICorrelation_sub_xx.mat吗?


A researcher to join my team to revise analyzed rs-MRI and will get authorship

Project: rs-fMRI analysis of psychiatric disorders 

I have a rs-fMRI data from a database and I did the analysis but I need experienced researcher to review and suggest possible enhancement

Raise date: March 30, 2020.

Already found collaborators: not yet.



After reorientation, this error happens

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are fine. I am doing a test of rs-MRI analysis of one subject using DPABI and aftr the step of reorientation I got this message


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