running again FC

Hi again, 

I was trying with DPARSFA running just the FC adding masks rois but it didn't work properly.

When I performed the whole analyisis it worked perfectly, now running just FC in DPARSFA when I perform two test analysis I can see voxels outside the brain. 

Where is the mistake? 


Thanks in advance!!

Hi Juan,
What's the error message for "adding masks rois but it didn't work properly".

If you didn't give a mask, or click the "default" mask, then you can have a chance to see artifacts outside brain.




I was trying to say that when I had all the data processed with DPARSFA, and if then I want to run again the FC but with masks, (just FC and some masks.) and for the time I analyse the new zFCRoi I can see some voxel outside the brain. 

Now, I tried several times, choosing different data folders. And now, looks that with FunImgARCW folder ain't got this problem anymore. 

Could be that?

Sorry, I still didn't get your point. Could you use some figures to illustrate that?



You can see in this image.

thank you!

I guess this is at the edge of the brain -- as the brain mask is bigger than your fMRI acquisition matrix.

You can ignore it, as every body understand this is noise.



Ok! Thank you so much for your time.