Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Hi all,
Besides the information provided in the Courses, there were still lots of questions about resting-state fMRI data processing. Here we'd like to build a FAQ section for your convenience. However, the FAQ is just started and will be developed gradually.
1. What are the toolboxes needed for DPABI/DPARSF?
A: DPABI/DPARSF works well with MATLAB and Statistics Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox and Signal Processing Toolbox. In addition, Parallel Computing Toolbox is needed if the users want to process multiple subjects in parallel computing mode.
2. How to solve the problem of “out of memory”?
A: Please refer to
3. What’s the ROI information of the templates provided in DPARSF?
4. Why the data after nuisance regression looks so strange (distorted)?
5. How to compare a single case with a group of controls?
6. Does the part "Reorienting T1 Image Interactively for XXX" require any input from the user?
7. What’s the input for smoothness estimation?
8. What’s the option of “IsTwoTailed” in GRF correction?

9. How to convert from voxel index to MNI coordinates and vice versa?
A: Please refer to
10. Why linear trend should be removed before filtering?
A: Please refer to
11. Why "calling other os commands from MATLAB" choke the processing, e.g., dcm2nii?
A: Please refer to



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Unknown option: "Z:\data\rest\Hippocampus_FC\dpabi_analysis\349r\TFCE\Temp\Design.csv"

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[opts,plm] = palm_takeargs(varargin{:});

出错 palm (line 81)


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    出错 DPABI_STAT_TOOL>ComputeButton_Callback (line 536)

        y_Correlation_Image(S, SeedSeries, OutputName, MaskFile, ImageCell, TextCell, PALMSettings);

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出错 DPABI_STAT_TOOL (line 42)

    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

出错 @(hObject,eventdata)DPABI_STAT_TOOL('ComputeButton_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))



Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback


<div>Chris Rorden's dcm2niiX version v1.0.20200331 &nbsp;(JP2:OpenJPEG) (JP-LS:CharLS) MSC1900 (64-bit Windows)&nbsp;</div><div>Warning: only processing last of 3 input files (recompile with 'myEnableMultipleInputs' to recursively process multiple files)&nbsp;</div><div>Error: Input folder invalid: stimulation\FunRaw\Sub_045\GUO_QINGQING.MR.SUS_HEAD.0011.0001.2020.;</div><div>Converting Functional Images:Sub_045 OK</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>严老师您好!我想请教下您,我为什么用dipabi 在第一步就报错 ,dicom 文件没法转成nifti 文件 FunImg文件夹为空,请指点!</div>

严老师您好,我做了三组数据的ANCOVA,然后用hsd做多重校正,得到的三组之间的对比,其中G1VSG2 G1VSG3,两个结果不能在VIEWER中显示,但是G2VSG3却可以正常显示,报错信息如下:

错误使用 repmat
出错 y_AdjustColorMap (line 74)
    NewColorMap(Begin:End,:) = repmat(OriginalColorMap(iColor,:),[Segment 1]);
出错 w_OverlayList>RedrawOverlay (line 1354)
ColorMap = y_AdjustColorMap(ColorMap,...
出错 w_OverlayList>Accept_Callback (line 1423)
            OverlayHeader=RedrawOverlay(OverlayHeader, handles.MainFig);
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    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
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错误使用 waitfor
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         关于repeated measures ANCOVA在dpabi软件统计模块的使用中和ANCOVA有什么区别吗?例如只有一组病人治疗前后两个时间点的数据可以用repeated measures ANCOVA吗?我在使用这个模块时将两个时间点影像数据放进去可以出结果,但它这个和配对t检验有什么区别吗?





Sun, 11/28/2021 - 05:39

Generating the pictures for checking normalization: Sub_001 OK. 没有为类 'matlab.ui.Figure' 的值定义函数 'subsindex'。
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if st{curfig}.mode == 0,
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出错 y_spm_orthviews (line 511)
        addtruecolourimage(varargin{1}, varargin{2},varargin{3}, varargin{4}, ...
出错 y_Call_spm_orthviews (line 149)
出错 DPARSFA_run (line 3222)
            H = y_Call_spm_orthviews(Ch2Filename,0,0,0,18,Filename,jet(64),0,250,H,0.8);
出错 DPARSFA_RerunWithGSR (line 100)
出错 DPARSFA>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1851)
        [Error]=DPARSFA_RerunWithGSR(handles.Cfg); %YAN Chao-Gan, 210419. In case the subject ID was changed during the first run,
        e.g., thresholding quality after reorient.%[Error]=DPARSFA_RerunWithGSR(handles.Cfg);
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出错 DPARSFA (line 30)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
计算 UIControl Callback 时出错。

严老师您好,我在对图像进行FirldMap Correction之后,图像被拉长,形状变得很奇怪,导致后面的配准效果很差,不知道这是什么原因导致的呢?以下是校正前后的影像,以及vdm5_scfpm_sc*.nii的图像:

Dear Dr Yan:

  I wanna search for help about how to adjust the order of preprocessing when preprocessing in Dpabi, for example, some projects may do Slice Timing first and then Realign, and some projects may do Realign first and then Slice Timing, and I don't see how to adjust the order of preprocessing in Dpabi, so consult you!
  I wish you success in your work, happiness in your family and all the best! God bless you!

YAN Chao-Gan

Thu, 08/10/2023 - 01:12

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Hi Jial,


A simple way is to run single step for realign, starting directory name with FunImg. And then run a single step of slice timing, starting directory name with FunImgR. Then you will have FunImgRA.




        在使用DPARSF5.4进行rest-fMRI预处理时normalize voxel size设置为[2 2 2](原始数据采集voxelsize=3.75,但由于fmriprep-voxelsize默认为2且很多template-voxelsize为2,所以还是设置为2进行预处理),其他参数未变,结果PicturesForChkNormalization文件夹里面所有被试的图都如下所示,但最后生成的预处理完后的.nii文件没有异常,且整个预处理过程没有报错,请问这一步标化是否存在问题?最后生成的.nii文件是否可以用于后续分析呢?