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I am trying to conduct a within-subjects design, looking at differences in graph metrics pre and post an intervention. However, my select variables tab does not look like the one in the GraphVar manual and tutorial pdfs. Instead of two columns, only one column appears. I have attached a screenshot demonstrating this, on the right is what appears, on the left is the example from the tutorial with two columns. I am unable to run my analysis as I cannot differentiate between the file identifier and subject ID as is shown in the tutorial example.


This the error message that appears:


Undefined function handle.

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.


Has anyone run into the above problem and have any suggestions?


I am using Matlab version 2019b and GraphVar 2.02 on a Mac.


Thanks in advance.

Johann Kruschwitz

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 09:20

you can simply select 'Subj_ID' and leave 'Scan_ID' unselected. This should work. You may further encounter the problem that the 'Select Within ID' button throws an error (slide 58 in the tutorial). To work around this, simply drag one of the variables (e.g. age) in the 'Within Covariates' field. When the selection prompt appears, select 'Subj_ID' as shown in the tutorial. Subsequently, remove 'age' from the 'Within Covariates' field. In case you want to run the second example 'Within design II' drag the 'beerpong' varibale in this field and leave it in there. This should do the trick.

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