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I've used DPARSFA before but am now having problems.  I'm not sure if I've forgotten how to use it properly or if it's a change in the new version.  When I start the processing from somewhere in the middle (for example after realignment), I uncheck the first few steps and put the correct starting directory FunImgAR.  However, DPARSFA complains that there is only one timepoint per subject indicating that it's incorrectly reading from Fun as the starting directory.
Please let me know.  Thank you

YAN Chao-Gan

Fri, 04/27/2012 - 18:22


Your data is preprocessed by AFNI or FSL?

Please check "4D Fun .nii(.gz) to 3D".


Fri, 04/27/2012 - 19:03

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Actually my data is preprocessed with DPARSFA.  I started with .nii.gz files and checked all the options that I wanted including "4D Fun .nii(.gz) to 3D"
The problem is that DPARSFA stops after each step and says there is an error, even though it has done the step properly.  I've rerun DPARSFA starting with the last step just completed and now have folders FunImgAR.  However, I am now trying to start DPARSFA again on the Normalization step and it doesn't work.  Even when I change the starting directory name to FunImgAR it complains that I only have one timepoint (because it's looking in Fun at the .nii.gz file).


Could you paste here a snapshot of the parameters in DPARSFA?

By the way, could you have a check that each subject has the same time points as you specified?


Mon, 10/22/2012 - 14:49

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I  ran into to same errors as described above using DPARSFA V2.2PRE_120905.
1) I started with the Working Directory 'Analysis\FunImg\Sub_00*\rest#.img' (and Working Directory named 'T1Img/t1.img' with the structural files in anayze format as well.

2)The problem is that DPARSFA stopped after various steps. Therefore I rerun DPARSFA starting with the normalized and smoothed data and  put the starting Directory Name to FunImgARCWS. The program complains that I only have one timepoint (instead of 170). In the directory "FunImgARCWS" there is a single "Filtered_4DVolume.nii" for each subject.


Dear Chao-Gan

Using the latest version of DPARSFA (V3.1) I run again into the same problem- getting only a single "swFiltered_4DVolume.nii"  file. This again leads to problems using the DynamicBC toolbox, which expects more then one file to process. 

Any help is much appreciated!



Hi Diana,

swFiltered_4DVolume.nii is a 4D NIfTI files, which should be good to use.

If you want to converted them to 3D, fslsplit can be helpful.



Something that might help me clarify this.  Could you please explain when the starting condition should be "Fun", "FunRaw" or "FunImg." With the new functionality I am not sure what to call this directory..

 Actually, you can name whatever you what by specify "Starting Directory Name".
(Except Start with DICOM, it still need "FunRaw". I will make it flexible in next release.)

If you can paste a snapshot of the GUI, then it's much easier to find what happened.