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If you want to find collaborators who have the resources to help with your studies, please post information regarding the proposed collaboration here. We hope this forum will help to enhance collaborations among researchers, especially between those doing basic and methodological neuroscience research and those doing clinical studies (bench to bedside and vice-versa).

[T]Collaboration with researchers who have both R-fMRI and SWI/TOF images.

Submitted by YAN Chao-Gan on

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Project: Vascular signal correction to replace/clarify global signal regression, see here for more details.

Raise date: August 8, 2013.

Already found collaborators: not yet.

Still want more collaborators: yes.

What kind of resources you want: R-fMRI data and susceptibility weighed imaging (SWI) data / time of flight (TOF) data.

A researcher to join my team to revise analyzed rs-MRI and will get authorship

Submitted by Saramo on

Project: rs-fMRI analysis of psychiatric disorders 

I have a rs-fMRI data from a database and I did the analysis but I need experienced researcher to review and suggest possible enhancement

Raise date: March 30, 2020.

Already found collaborators: not yet.

Call for papers for "Brain and Somatization Symptoms in Psychiatric Disorders"

Submitted by YAN Chao-Gan on

Dear all,

We are organizing a special issue at Frontiers Psychiatry: "Brain and Somatization Symptoms in Psychiatric Disorders" (Guest Editors: Fengyu Zhang, Chao-Gan Yan, Wenbin Guo, Feng Liu).

Please feel free to join us.


Seeking Collaborators for data processing of functional connectivity, resting state fMRI

Submitted by sergio108 on

Hello to everyone.

We have already collected data of resting state fMRI on 23 meditators and 23 equivalent controls. We need now to process the data and find results, preprocessing was done under SPM12.

So the purpose of this collaboration is to find someone with good knowledge on functional connectivity resting state data processing that could help us on the data processing and analisys.

We offer co-authorship in any paper related.