simple question

Submitted by emilykarpinski on
I think my problem has a very simple solution, but I'm an undergrad student with very little experience working with fMRI data and I am very lost.

I have all my data set up in individual files by participant under a single file called "FunRaw," and all of the data is in NIFTI files. Each time I try to run the data, I get an error message that says "Please arrange each subject's NIFTI images in one directory, and then put them in your defined Starting Directory Name "FunRaw" directory under the working directory!"

If anyone has encountered this message or knows how I can get past this road block to analyze the data, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!



Mon, 07/29/2013 - 05:54

There may be still some problem in the arrangment of your data, or the directory you add to DPARSF is wrong.

Suggesting you watch the course in this website carefully.