Time series analysis and ROI signal folder

Hi all, 

So after processing and extracting roi signals, the next step is for me to analyze the roi signals of my subjects using SPSS. Does anyone know what type of analyisis I should carry out on SPSS as I have two groups, one healthy and the other  have Alzheimers.
Whic do I use rregression or corellation.

Also what does the different type of file mean in the results folder for roi extraction. does  Z mean zett?


much appreciation, really  benefiting from this program!!


Beijing Eyes-Open Eyes-Closed II (Beijing EOEC2) Dataset


Investigators and Affiliations

Chao-Gan Yan, Ph. D.1,2, Qi-Hong Zou, Ph. D.1,3, Yu-Feng Zang, Ph. D.1,4


while im running nussance regression+filtering, Its seems that the rat_mask is not working properly. im adding the mask....but its seems that its using human mask ....

I m having that warning when im opening dpabi....any clue ?

y READ error, file doesn't exist

So I have been having major issue with this, I want to run a dartel normalisation, smooth, detrend etc... but i keep getting an error message when I reach the coreg part of T1 and Fun. 
If you look at the picture i attached you will see my parameters. I'm sure i have all the files laid out as the programme instructs.

thanks for your help.


Normalize时报错No T1 image has been found


          你好。我在使用DPARSF做Normalize时,采用的是EPI模板。但仍然报错“No T1 image has been found.”但之前的所有步骤均未选择读取T1像。



Do I have to start all over again if the pre-processing is interrupted?

Hello Guys,

I am trying to do the pre-processing of data, but it stopped after generating folder "Reorient mats". It stopped because I clicked on "Define ROI" in the same tab as "QC score tab". it gave the error as follows:

 Moving Head Motion Corrected Files:Sub_002 OK


unable launch the DPABI under Linux


    when I use the matlab under Linux system, once I tyoe "dpabi", the matlab will be jamed and the other previously launched procedure, such as REST, also could not   continue to use.  The matlab was like dead and I can do nothing. When 25 mins later, the dpabi gui was shown up. However, when I further clicked the "viewer" or other button, there was an error appearing:"undefined function or variable ‘DPABI_VIEW'". 


mask does not matcȟ error (Y Extract ROISignal)

Hi everone so i'm faced with a mask size error. I require a size of 64x64x48. But the default mask provided by DPARSF appears to 80x80x48. Also when I input 'no mask' I get this error.
1. How do I get a mask that is 64x64x48.
2. If I build a ROI using the program Marsbar how do I use it in DPARSF and do I have to do any processing for it to work on DPARSF.
**look at attached image please.

Any advice is appreciated, thank.


Slice timing for multiband accelerated EPI data

Dear Prof.Yan




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