Symbolic link error DPARSF

I am using the DPARSF toolbox to run through 1 subject's data as my first case.

Towards the end  I get this error (see in red below) regarding symbolic link cretaion; I am using a remote server that doesn't allow this operation (something about NTFS versus other system).


"...VMHC compution over, elapsed time: 5.9 seconds.

Smoothing the resutls...


Running job #1


Running 'Smooth'

Done    'Smooth'


Moving Smoothed Files:fALFF_FunRawARCW OK

Moving Smoothed Files:DegreeCentrality_FunRawARCWF OK

Moving Smoothed Files:FC_FunRawARCWF OK

Moving Smoothed Files:ReHo_FunRawARCWF OK

Moving Smoothed Files:VMHC_FunRawARCWFsymS OK

Moving Smoothed Files:ALFF_FunRawARCW OK


ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘~/ReHo/FunImgARglobal’: Operation not supported.."


Which file is it looking for and how can I set up the copy into this folder, so that when I run this analysis for a large group, it can be done within the pipeline?


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Below is a snapshot of the file structure. FunImgARglobalCovs is currently empty


You can copy FunImgAR to FunImgARglobal, and then continue the analysis with global signal regression.

In that case do I uncheck all of the earlier options on the GUI (slice timing, segment, normalize etc.)? or I simply copy the file to the necessary folder and re-run dpabi? Do I have to this each time, for every subject?


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Uncheck the options till nuisance gression. Remember to set the correct starting directory name.