Requested 24964497409x1 (186.0GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference

Dear Experts

I got the following error (please see the attached documents and screenshot).  
Our system setup are:
  • Win 10 64bit
  • Matlab R2017b
  • SPM12 6225
  • DPARSF_V4.3_170105


According to header, image is already canonically oriented

Time elapsed 94ms

Converting T1 Images:Sub_001 OK


Removing First 10 Time Points: Sub_001 OK


Slice Timing Setup:Sub_001 OK

Initialising batch system... done.




Running job #1


Running 'Slice Timing'


SPM12: spm_slice_timing (v6130)                    00:54:25 - 10/10/2017


Number of slices is...                  :                             48

Time to Repeat (TR) is...               :                              3

Parameters are specified as...          :                  slice indices

Completed                               :          00:54:41 - 10/10/2017

Done    'Slice Timing'



Moving Slice Timing Corrected Files:Sub_001 OK


Realign Setup:Sub_001 OK




Running job #1


Running 'Realign: Estimate & Reslice'


SPM12: spm_realign (v6070)                         00:54:42 - 10/10/2017


Failed  'Realign: Estimate & Reslice'

Requested 24964497409x1 (186.0GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference. Creation of arrays greater than this limit may take a long time and cause MATLAB to become unresponsive. See array size limit or preference panel for more information.

In file "C:\spm12\spm_realign.m" (v6070), function "realign_series" at line 207.

In file "C:\spm12\spm_realign.m" (v6070), function "spm_realign" at line 136.

In file "C:\spm12\config\spm_run_realign.m" (v6554), function "spm_run_realign" at line 31.


The following modules did not run:

Failed: Realign: Estimate & Reslice


Error using DPARSFA_run (line 754)

Job execution failed. The full log of this run can be found in MATLAB command window, starting with the lines (look for the

line showing the exact #job as displayed in this error message)


Running job #1




Error in DPARSFA>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1786)



Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95)



Error in DPARSFA (line 30)

    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});


Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.






err.jpg183.55 KB


You only have 140 time points for your subject?

Seems this can not reach 24964497409x1 (186.0GB).

Could you try another subject?