Persistent error during group comparison


Thanks for making your software available. I am having a persistent problem with the error command below while using beta version 06.2.  I have attached a subjects correlation matrix file and my variable file . Could you please advise?

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in executeStats (line 83)  if isnumeric(VarData{1})

Error in GraphVar corr (line 89)

[Files, N] =


Error in GraphVar>Btn calcCorr Callback (line 75)

GraphVar_corr(handles, allTask)

Error in guimainfcn (line 95)


Error in GraphVar (line 40)

       gui_mainfcn(gui_Statae, varargin{:});

etc.... (a similar comment was place by Meysam on 06/12/15



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the files you attached seem fine and it works for me on a windows machine. The error that you´ve posted relates to the variable sheet and occurs when GraphVar trys to read out the group membership. Does it work for you if you select "sex" as a group identifier? If this works try to encode group membership by using strings instead of 0 1. Alternatively, set a breakpoint on line 83 in the execute stats script and have a look what "VarData" is ... as it works perfectly fine for me with the sheet you send me I can only try to help if I get a little more info what could be the issue on your configuration (most problems occure with linux machines and csv file formats). Let me know if something worked!