GraphVar 2.02 released

Submitted by Johann Kruschwitz on
New features in GraphVar 2.02:
1. Data-driven group-level representation of network modular architecture using a 2-level consensus clustering technique  (1st level: individual consensus; 2nd level: group consensus)
2. Modular Classification-Consistency and Classification-Diversity across individuals can be used to understand the role of each node within the network
3. More dynamic network measures as in Seizemore et al., 2017 (NeuroImage)
4. Tutorial introducing the new consensus based communtiy functionalities
Release info GraphVar 2.02:
- added community functionalities as in Fornito et al., 2012:
- added dynamic network measures as in Seizemore et al., 2017:
- fixed a bug when displaying R2 values (issues with the X axis)
- added 'Result', '-v7.3' to execute stats (i.e., now any size of result can be saved)
- fixed bug when running permutation analyses with 3 between factors (worked previously and got lost in some updates)
- fixed bug when running GraphVar on Retina displays