Functional Connectivity Statistical Analysis

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this topic and am struggling with the statistical analysis of my resting state data. Right now I'm testing the toolbox with only two of my subjects. When I try to add the FC-results to the Group images for a two-sample-t-test, it says [464] in front of the pathway (2*116 ROIs for the two subjects) instead of just [2] for the two subjects, as it was displayed in the tutorial. Do I need to organize the FC-results in any way, before I can use them?

Also, is it necessary to use covariate images for the analysis?

And furthermore, is there a specific way the text files have to be set up for the text covariates? I didn't see any example for that in the tutorial so I'm a bit unsure of that.


Thanks a lot in advance!


You can not do t-test on two subjects.

Please go over Part 9 to get more info about Statistical Analysis.

Yes I'm aware of that. Right now I'm just trying to get the toolbox working for me before I use it on my actual data. But I'm still struggling with the above mentioned points, even though I watched the tutorial several times.

1. If you set 116 ROIs, you have 116 FCmaps. You have to re-organize them unless you know how to write script to call y_TTest2_Image.

2. Usually you do not need to add covariate images.

3. Two groups, then two text files. Each row is a subject within that group, each column is  a cavariate.

Thanks a lot for your help!