Extracting data


Is it possible to extract local metric data (e.g., local efficiency values) from a single group regression analysis post regressing out nuisance variables? I.e. in a similar way as to select only control group or only patient group in group analysis at the bottom of the results viewer (I ran two separate analyses). That way I could plot local efficiency values on a specific node against a clinical measure.

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.. any suggestions? 



Hi Hilmar,
making scatterplots is a feature we're currently working on!
In the meantime, please set a breakpoint in src/calc/graphvar_glm.m on line 514. The variable Y contains are the local efficiency values (or whatever else you're calculating) with nuisance covariates removed. X contains your de-meaned predictors.
You can make a scatterplot by running something like plot(X(:, 2), Y(:, 1), '.'). Alternatively, just save Y in a format that works for your favorite plotting software.

Thanks for using GraphVar!