Building Connectivity Matrix from Task-based fMRI


I am new to analyzing network data, so i am a bit unsure how to turn raw nifti files which contain task based data into readable files to input into GraphVar for building a connectivity matrix. help?



Thanks for considering using GraphVar for network analyses. To construct task (condition) based networks you could use methods as beta-series correlation or also correlational psychophysiological interaction methods.
There are some nice toolboxes out that could be used for this purpose: the first two toolboxes also offer some graph theoretical analyses approaches including computation of simple graph measures. However, their output (either beta-series or correlation matrices) can be used as input in GraphVar for advanced and comprehensive network analyses.

BETA-SERIES correlation:
- BASCO - is a software tool (with GUI) for investigating inter-regional functional connectivity in event-related fMRI data
- Graph Theory GLM (GTG) Toolbox: provides a data processing path for resting state & task fMRI data.
Psychophysiological Interaction:
- cPPI Toolbox for fMRI: Task-related functional connectivity is computed using the correlational psychophysiological interaction (cPPI) methodology

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Thank you so much for your prompt reply!