ABIDE1 preprocessing using DPARSF


Dear  Dr. Chao-Gan Yan

I am trying to follow the specified steps in PCP in order to preprocess ABIDE1 using DPARSF. I have attached an screenshot of the best configuration that I think is true ,however my result does not completely match with released preprocessed data. I also spent some time to find the correct configuration in the web but I couldn’t. I appreciate if you could help me to find the exact DPARSF configuration as you did in PCP project. 


S Maleki



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Please see here: http://preprocessed-connectomes-project.org/abide/dparsf.html

This one is more depend on the template of "Preprocessing in original space".


You can also download ABIDE metrics from here: http://mrirc.psych.ac.cn/DownloadRfMRIMaps

This one is used the V4 template (default parameter).

However, as manually reorient might be slightly difference, results may differ slightly.