Would you mind helping me? : beginner of DPARSF and DPABI softwares

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Hellow Sir and Madam,
My name is Tsuyoshi Hashimoto. I am a doctor, working as a diagnostic radiologist, and my office name is Advanced Imaging Center Tsukuba, JAPAN. I'm mainly reading CT and MRI examinations. 
Recently I began to use DPARSF and DPABI softwares. but I have now difficulties about using those. Would you mind helping me? 
I have downloaded DPARSF and Sample data named DemoDataForRSfMR, and set up, but I can't load this data to DPARSF software. I think that I can see any objects in the space named ' Participants' ,like 'Sub_001, Sub_002, Sub_003', but I can't.(see attatched image file)
I think I have set the Working directory properly.  This trouble relates file types?
Is there anyone who know the solutions? If there, please teach me the resolutions. I am waiting your kindly help. My e-mail address is shown below.
Best regards.
 Tsuyoshi Hashimoto
e-mail: ytm.workspace@gmail.com

Dear Mr.
Thank you very much for your help.
But I can't change the Starting Directory Name from"FunRaw" at the lower right.
If you know the means of solving, please teach me.

Tsuyoshi Hashimoto

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Please spend more time to http://rfmri.org/course.

You have to setup Starting Directory Name at the lower right first.

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