bet error

Dear experts,


I was recommended DPARSF recently and it looks really promising.
I'm just testing the software, but I ran into an error which I can't resolve.

During preprocessing I get an Bet error:

Bet begin...
/bin/bash: bet: command not found
/bin/bash: bet: command not found
Bet finished

But as you may guess from the above, not Bet'ed files are created.
I do have FSL installed, and when calling bet from terminal (Mac user), it works perfect. So somehow matlab can't access the right path.
Any ideas what may cause this?

Thanks in advance


Hi Cédric,

Please do NOT open matlab via the icon in Lauchpad, but open it within terminal.

1. Open Terminal.

2. In Terminal, type in: /Applications/

This will fix the bet path problem.