time points DPARSFa 2.2

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I am running a test subject on the newest version 2.2 dparsfa. THe program gives the error at the normalization step:
Moving Normalized Files:A4671_001 OK
Generating the pictures for checking normalization: A4671_001 OK
    'Error in Normalize, time point number doesn't match: A4671_001'

The data has 120 volumes and that is what I put in under time points.  I did indicate that it should remove 10 time points.  Should I adjust due to this?

YAN Chao-Gan

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 20:43


Could you open the file for A4671_001 to check how many time points you have?

It seems the intermedian file before normalization is not 110 time points.

Yes, when I open the subject file it has 120 time points so that is what I put in the field. When I had remiove the first 10 scans checked as well it gave me the error. So does that mean if I start with a file that has 120 time points and then I ask dparsf to remove 10 I should change the time points filed to 110? I went ahead and unchecked the remove the first 10 files box and it ran fine.  Can you confirm that the entry in the time points box should be the actual number of time points minus the proposed number of time point to remove?

If you started with the raw files (i.e., 120 time points), then you set 120 in the edit box. You can check "remove first 10 time points" and there will be no issue.

If you started with the data after removing the first 10 time points (e.g., you start with some later steps), then you don't not need to check "remove first 10 time points", and then set 110 in the edit box.

'Error in Normalize, time point number doesn't match: sub_11', I have checked the file sub_11-->FunImgARCW, it is right that it has 235 volunmes after removing the first 5 time points. 

what is the possible reason?

DPABI4.0, Advanced edition, the raw data has 240 volumes.