Share Data with the R-fMRI Maps Project

Submitted by YAN Chao-Gan on

The aim of the R-fMRI Maps project is to build a big data of intrinsic brain activity indices, which has the potential to allow us addressing critical questions about the brain.

Here, your support is the key for the success for such an effort. If you would like to share your data, please follow these steps:

  1. Download DPABI/DPARSF through
  2. Organize your raw data and process them with the standard procedure through DPARSF. Detailed tutorial could be found at
  3. Organize the R-fMRI Indices through DPABI->The R-fMRI Maps Project->Organize Results.
  4. Upload the organized results to our FTP server. Host: Username: ftpupload Password: FTPUpload Path: /incoming.
  5. Notify us through email or post a description of your data at

We will integrate your data into our database and release it to researchers across the world. We believe your support will help to build an unprecedented big data of brain imaging across a wide variety of individuals: including different neurological and psychiatric disease, as well as healthy people with different traits. Exciting neuroscience findings could be fostered by such a big data, and future innovative model could be inspired by it.