PRN LOGO Design Competition ($100) & PRN Art Editor Recruiting

Dear all,

Here we would like to invite you (or your good artist friends) to join the PRN LOGO Design Competition, with $100 prize for the winner! The winner will got the $100 prize, and will be scored 100 for phase I test for PRN Art Editor Recruiting (Phase I test: Photoshop or Gimp; Phases II Test: Apple iBooks Author or Adobe InDesign or Adobe Digital Publishing Suite depends on your expertise; Phase III test: web art design – this only scores 20% as I will do most web thing by myself).

Here is a sample idea, the flag can even denote letter P.

If you would like to work on the sample design, you can download the PSD from here. Then you can empower the LOGO from your sense of artists. (moving GIF is allowed ;) )

Simply reply your product* by commenting (preferred) or email Dr. Chao-Gan Yan at

PRN Art editor

·      Compensation at $100 per issue.

·      Communicate with the content editor and the Initiator to make a beautiful Web version and an excellent PDF version of each issue.

·      Other obligations based on mutual agreement with the Initiator.

*The copyright of the product belongs to PRN.


Yours Sincerely,

Chao-Gan Yan

on behalf of

The PRN Team