ead these 3D EPI functional images. wait...
Read these 3D EPI functional images. wait...
Read these 3D EPI functional images. wait...
Read these 3D EPI functional images. wait...
Read these 3D EPI functional images. wait...


A batch of data is divided into 11 groups to run. The first few groups finished running, but the later groups appeared warning. They didn't run a complete project, and there was no result report. How can we solve this problem? In addition, in the fmriprep folder of each group, there are record folders in the subjects' folder, and the report has been uploaded.
I would like to ask if this report has any impact on the subsequent cortical statistics? Thank you, teacher





Power atlas for ABIDE& ABIDEII dataset

Dear Experts

I'm just looking at the ROI signals of ABIDE and ABIDEII dataset. However, the data only contain 1568 columns instead of 2233 as the RfMRIMapsDataSharingStructure said. So how can I get the ROI signals of Power's 264 atlas? 

ERROR IN DPABISurf: Repetition time did not match between the scan's header and the associated JSON metadata file.

Dear Dr. Yan

I encountered an error when I ran my data (not have DICOM data, start with FunImg and T1Img) by using DpabiSurf. The data have passed the data organization checcking and successfully converted into BIDS. But, the error was reported during the “Preprocessing with fmriprep” stage for every subject. The error log is the following figure. Since this is not DICOM data, I manually entered TR=2 (but I confirm that this is correct). I confirmed that I have correctly installed the DpbaiSurf as I have successfully run the DemoData (start from FunRaw) posted on this website.




ROI definition for measuring functional connectivity

Hi everyone, 

In a hole-brain study, I need to measure the functional connectivity and I need the results based on the Schaefer atlas. There is not any specific region of interest, then what should I choose in the "Define ROI" box?

I try to choose Schaefer from my system but it doesn't show the file in the folder.

I'll appreciate if you could help me,






DPABISurf Pipeline 报错求助

系统是Windows10 专业版,下载安装好了docker、证书,通过dpabi的utilities检查了数据格式没有错误,试运行能得到gii文件。正式从nii格式文件开始处理时报错。求助严老师,不知道是哪里出了错?具体报错如下:


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