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conj'c intemed golbal格式什么意思

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对于我的三个f test,选择conjunction的时候是没有显著性差异体素的,但是选择intermed和global的时候是有的,但是不知道什么意思






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各位老师,我按照VBM说明书用dartel tool(creat template)生成了平均灰质模板,Template_0到Template_16 这17个文件,请问哪一个是可用的模板文件?是最后一个?还是根据肉眼精度来判断?肉眼看template_6和template_13比较清晰,最后生成的template_16并不清晰。

我看了一些帖子,别人都是自动生成了6张,选择最后生成的template_6,我是使用的默认设置,不知道为什么会生成17个文件,我只做了creat template是不是已经生成了最终模板,需不需要再运行run existing template那一步?



SPM marsbar problem

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Dear Experts,

I would like to extract the ROIs of DMN using the  coordinates of one of the related studies (i.e. Yeo et all or Van dijk et al).

My question is what determines the sphere radius?

Could I increase the radius to include as much voxels as possible without merging into neighboring regions?

Moreover, it would be great if you could help me with any alternatives.

Thank you!


spm12 old seg failure

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Hi all,
When I used spm12(v6225) spm_coreg + spm oldseg + spm oldnorm to normalize functional image to template space, several subjects' result didn't look reasonable. Here's how it looks like for one of them. Any help would be appreciated.

mean of fmri