DPARSF--the detected time points of subject "..." is: 0, ... slice timing correction

 Dear DPARSF developers, 

I'm trying to use the DPARSF toolbox to process some nifti (hdr, img) resting state sequences. It seems to be able to read the files (stored in FunImg), but when I un-tick the 'Slice Timing' box it appears with the message "the detected time points of subject "..." is: 0 ...". Does this mean that we have to conduct the slice timing step? 

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If you un-selected "Slice Timing" and selected "Realign", DPARSF will think you have done Slice Timing already. DPARSF will search the a*.img files and report the number of such files.
Thus, you need to do Slice Timing before Realign, or you can rename your functional images with a name initialed with "a", e.g. "aSubject1TimePoint1.img" if you do not want to perform Slice Timing on your data before realign.
Best wishes!