Customized TPMs/(SPM12/tpm)

Dear Experts

In my understandings,  I should please replace the corresponding ones under this directory instead of replacing those under SPM12/tpm.

For example:  (Customized TPM for New Segment + DARTEL in DPARSF)


When I apply downloaded reorient mats, do I need to reorient the image again?



最近遇到一个问题,就是我在用DPABI处理数据的时候,出了一些错,导致我要重新处理,但是不想再做reorient了,我按照DPABI的manual把之前的reorientmats 重命名成downloaded reoreintmats,后续我就不用手动做reorient了,可是还是会跳出相应的配准时的T1和功能图像,我是不是直接点一下下方的reorient按钮就可以啦?








/bin/bash: /bin/mv: Argument list too long (Mac)

Dear Experts

I'm using the latest version of DPARSF and Matlab 2017b on Mac OS 10.13.3.

How many ROIs and subjects could DPARSF handle simultaneously?

I got following errors after smoothing. A total of 28 subjects and 138 ROIs.

By the way, the script works fine with 3 subjects during my initial testing on Mac OS. No problems on Win 10 (with 30 subjects and 212 ROIs). 


iam beginner in resting state fMRI

dear DPABI team,  i need your help to know how to define  ROI for prefrontal brain cortex?

2nd question how to get values of ALFF for each individual  , i attached ALFFmap of one individual?

with my regrads,


Header information

Dear Experts

Here I have a couple of questions regarding the DPARSF pipepline.

How to find both slice number and time points from NIfTI or DICOM data files if they were not available at first place.

Thanks for considering my request.

Best wishes


Questions about results and resultss folder

Dear Experts

Which results folder should I choose for further statistical analysis ? What are the differences?

Best regards


DPABI Error after normalization

Hello, after the normalization step, after the files have been moved, I get this below error. 

The folder "PicturesForChkNormalization" has been created but has not been populated. It is empty. Any suggestions on what could be the issue? Thanks.


Error using subsindex


the difference for the FDR between the Xjview and the DPABI

Hi experts, 

       I do a statistic analysis for a task-based fmri with SPM.  When seeing the results, I used the software with the Xjview and DPABI Viewer. I found some discrepancy of results between the Xjview and DPABI. when using the Xjview, there is no cluster remained when the FDR was sett at p=0.05 and the enxtended  voxels were 10. However there are two clusters remained when the FDR(DPABI) is set the q value=0.05 and the mask is the group mask. 

Predefined Types:


multivaraite and bivariate GCA


我用REST跑了同一个ROI的voxel-wise multivariate GCA和bivariate GCA,结果是一模一样的。我的理解是multivariate会控制其他voxel对当前两个voxel的granger causal connectivity的影响,bivariate GCA则没有。为什么结果是一样的呢?是不是multivariate只对ROI-wise起作用?



GraphVar 2.0: 'Machine Learning' released

GraphVar 2.0: A user-friendly toolbox for machine learning on
functional connectivity measures
Background: We previously presented GraphVar as a user-friendly
MATLAB toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional
brain connectivity. Here we introduce a comprehensive extension of
the toolbox allowing users to seamlessly explore easily customizable
decoding models across functional connectivity measures as
well as additional features.



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