Out of memory--Error message for running ReHo and FC tools

Dear REST experters:

      I am new to run REST toolbox. When running ReHO and FC, get the following error messages. I don't know what wrong I did. BTW, do you have some stand along program or easy tools for extracting the time course data. Thanks in advance.


error messages:


Two extra seminars (afternoon, April 6) after the RS-fMRI symposium

From 14:00, April 6th

The meeting room, 2nd floor, Brain Imaging Center, Beijing Normal University

Rest-State fMRI: From Default Mode Network to Cognitive Network
Jen-Chuen Hsieh (謝仁俊), MD, PhD
Professor and Director, Institite of Brain Science, Yang-Ming University, and Director of Brain Center, VA Hospital, Taipei

Granger Causality: Inferring direction of neural interaction
Xue Wang (王雪), PhD,
Clinical Research Associate


Erratum: Scanning parameters of RS-fMRI for 3T SIEMENS

I am sorry that in the following parameters, I made a type error. The thickness/gap should be 3.5/0.7 mm. If you have used 3.5/0.6, it OK.
Please note that an FOV of 200*200 is sometimes small.

The following parameters are what we are using on a SIEMENS 3T trio scanner. 33 axial slices, thickness/gap = 3.5/0.6 mm, in-plane resolution = 64 × 64, TR = 2000 ms, TE = 30 ms, flip angle = 90, FOV = 200 × 200 mm, volumes = 240 (480 s). I strongly recommend that the RS-fMRI session is placed before the task sessions.


about the resting state fmri workshop

刚看了workshop的介绍,非常好的内容,包括了fMRI, EEG, DTI; ICA, functional connectivity; psychiatric disorder etc. 而且邀请到了biswal和kiviniemi两位专家,一位是先驱,一位是fast ICA专家 (biswal的英语口音比较难懂,大家做好心理准备 :)....




Bandpass filtering


I'm trying to use the rest_bandpass function in your toolkit, but I can't get it to read my data. Specifically, I get the error message below. If I try to use the GUI, I get an error dialog saying "There is no data or non-data files in this directory".

I get the same message for different datatsets. I have made sure that only the volumes and not other files are in that directory. I can use the image files with no problems using other analysis packages.


Thanks for your help,





Re: "sunshine"'s question: spatially smoothing before or after ReHo

In a few earlier studies, spatilly smoothing was performed before ReHo analysis. However, Mr. LONG Xiang-Yu found that, for some voxels, the ReHo value is very high because spatially smoothing certainly increase the local similarity. That is why we now recommend to perform spatially smoothing after ReHo calculation. Please note that we are not sure which is "better" for group level analysis, especially between-group studies. I suggest you can compare the results. 



我看了一篇关于resting的文章,上面有这么一段话:After slice acquisition correction and head motion correction, the fMRI was normalized to the standard SPM2 echoplanar imaging template, re-sampled to 3-mm cubic voxels, and then  spatially smoothed with a Gaussian kernel of 4* 4*4mm3 full-width at half-maximum. The resulting fMRI data were temporally band-pass filtered (0.01~o0.08 Hz) to reduce the low-frequency drift and physiological highfrequency respiratory and cardiac noise [1] for further ReH



 Hi All, 

I am a new REST toolkit user,

I would like to know which images I should use in the slice viewers windows  (UNDERLAY-OVERLAY), in order to highlight activation. 

I have uploaded structural and ReHo map but matlab gives and illegal image error message.

Best Regards





我分别试了对调它们的顺序,然后contrast都是1 -1,发现结果一模一样,T值的正负也是一样。

如果说数据选择的先后顺序没有影响,那应该如何来解释结果呢?比如说刺激数据在前,对照数据在后,contrast是1 -1,那T值是正值的脑区代表的是刺激>对照,还是刺激<对照?






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