Error in loading covariables when doing batch FC analysis

Hi, REST experts,

I was doing the batch FC analysis. I listed the subjects' covariables (9 variables) in a text file (Covlist.txt) as follows, 


Task modulated functional connectivity


I am wondering if the program can be used to conduct functional connectivity modulated by task?

Thank you for your kindly advice.


How to make ROI from Brodmann or AAL template by selecting specific area for functional connectivity

These days, I am trying to analyze functional connectivity in fMRI-resting data using REST1.3.
I have already analyzed using Seed ROI to learn REST software.  That result was pretty good.
So, now I am trying to analyze our data not using seed ROI but useing ROI from BA or AAL template by selecting specific area (e.g. hippocampus, amygdala).
How can I make ROI from BA or AAL template by selecting specific area?
Please comment.
Thank you for your reply in advance.


Available PhD student fellowship in neuroimaging markers of early stages of Alzheimer's disease

The Laboratory of Functional Neuroscience at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, University Pablo de Olavide, Seville (Spain), invites applications for one PhD student position to investigate in neuroimaging markers (structural and functional) of healthy and pathological aging. The position is renewed on a yearly basis, and the salary is according to spanish standard. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Evaluations will start immediately.


Videos of resting-state fMRI symposium in Stanford

Thanks to Dr. Michael D. Greicius for providing videos ( of the resting-state fMRI symposium in Stanford University, June 17, 2009. Below are the topic and speakers.

Bharat Biswal
University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey, USA
Multi-site Validation of Resting State fMRI

Michael Greicius
Stanford University School of Medicine, USA


functional connectivity cannot output zFCmap*.img

 Dear experts,

I've done functional connectivity  using rest toolkit. I chose the parameters as the manual showed. But there were no any .img file created eg. no FCMap*.img and zFCMap*.img. I can not find the reason. Could anyone help me? Any commnets are greatly appreciated.



question about the result of functional connectivity

hello.  I am using the REST program and had a quick question.  I am trying to use the functional connectivity aspect of the program and had a quick question on what it gives me as a result.  I am using the voxel wise function and I am masking a certain region and trying to calculate connectivity between that region and other regions in the brain.  I got the program to work I just am not sure exactly what the colors mean that the result gives me.  Does a lighter color mean that that area is the most similar to my region of interest.  Does it mean that it is more ac

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ROI Regressor calculation using Taylor series

dear rest-team,

I am interested into the adaptation of the time course calculation of different ROI regressors in REST in the following way:
For the reason of small correction of time-shifts the idea is to differentiate the time courses, similar to the idea of taylor series:
               f(t)=f(t=0)+ df/dt I(t=0) + d^2f/d^2t I(t=0)+...

Any feedback towards this idea and its potential implementation possibilities in REST would be highly appreciated,



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