Dear Dr YAN

i have 3d matrix (61,73,61), but i dont have the header for this matrix?

2. Header - a structure containing image volume information, the structure
%    is the same with a structure have read
%    The elements in the structure are:
%       Header.fname - the filename of the image. If the filename is not set, 
%                    just use the parameter.
%       Header.dt    - A 1x2 array.  First element is datatype (see spm_type).
%                 The second is 1 or 0 depending on the endian-ness.
%       Header.mat   - a 4x4 affine transformation matrix mapping from
%                 voxel coordinates to real world coordinates.
%       Header.pinfo - plane info for each plane of the volume.
%              Header.pinfo(1,:) - scale for each plane
%              Header.pinfo(2,:) - offset for each plane
%                 The true voxel intensities of the jth image are given
%                 by: val*Header.pinfo(1,j) + Header.pinfo(2,j)
%              Header.pinfo(3,:) - offset into image (in bytes).
%                 If the size of pinfo is 3x1, then the volume is assumed
%                 to be contiguous and each plane has the same scalefactor
%                 and offset.
%              The scale and intercept will be changed according to the
%              data to write
So, How can i creat the header for my matrix.
I tried to read image using y_read and use its header for my matrix, but the result was as follow:
I dont know where is the problem?
your help is appreciated.


Where did you get this data?

You can use y_Read to get the header from the original data.

Thanks it is working