What's wrong with my normalization?

I can't find my password back of the forum "http://rfmri.org/", and I can't creat a new account, so I post my question to the maillist directly.

I chose "Reorient Fun" and "Reorient T1" when I process my data using "DPARSF 4.3 Advanced Edition" in DPABI, and set vertical line of the crosshair pass through the midline of the brain in the coronal/ axial view, set the horizontal line both passes through AC and PC point, set the origin in AC point according the courses. I found the T1 normalization was very good, but the FunImg normalization have some deviations compared to the template for all the subjects' data in the QC step (as shown in the figure). I wonder how to fix it?


You can check if "bet" helps.

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