Unwarp using field map images

Dear Prof. Yan,

    I did not find in the DPARSF the option for unwarping using fieldmap images (both magnitude and phase maps). Can I do "fieldmap unwarping & relignment" using SPM8, and then do the following steps using DPARSF? I am not sure whether it is ok to put the step of religment before the step of slice timming. May I have your suggestions? Many thanks!



Sun Delin

Hi Delin,

Yes, you can use SPM8 to do unwarping & relignment, and then put into SPM8.

For the order of slice timing and realignment, some people support slice timing->realignment, some people support realignment->slice timing, and some suggest not doing slice timing. I think in your case, it should not matter too much. I will suggest you go ahead with the analysis.



Many thanks for your reply!