Time series analysis and ROI signal folder

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So after processing and extracting roi signals, the next step is for me to analyze the roi signals of my subjects using SPSS. Does anyone know what type of analyisis I should carry out on SPSS as I have two groups, one healthy and the other  have Alzheimers.
Whic do I use rregression or corellation.

Also what does the different type of file mean in the results folder for roi extraction. does  Z mean zett?


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You can perfrom two sample t test in SPSS.

Z means Fisher's r-to-z transformation.


In this post, Dr. Yan explains the files in the ROI extraction folder: http://wiki.rfmri.org/content/extract-roi-time-courses-roi-wise-functional-connectivity

For means comparison: As another option, if you have matched the subjects, you can use a matched-pairs (repeated measures) t-test, which has more power than a two-sample t-test. If you collected multiple runs per subject, you will need to use a mixed-effects analysis.

r-to-Z transformation is used I believe when you need to do further analysis on r, which cannot itself be manipulated arithmetically.

Do you happen to have any further information on this issue? I am conducting a very similar analysis and would like to share ideas if possible. I don't know how to get in touch with you directly, but if you're interested, my email is: flgarciaATchlaDOTuscDOTedu

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I'll ask my students to help you.