standardization methods

Hi Chao-Gan,
I am reading your standardization paper and would like to implement it going forward. 

However, as far as I can see, the processing stream calls for slice timing correction, motion correction, and nuisance covariate analyses (using Friston24, CSF, and WM, but without GSR).  Wouldn't this give a mean of zero for the FunImgRC files?  If so, where does the mean come from in the group level analysis?  Do I just take the mean and SD of the FunImgR images and use those?


Hi Matt,

Yeah, for FunImgRC files, the temporal mean is zero. For the standardization methods in that paper, the global brain mean/SD of fALFF/ReHo/DC was used as standardization parameters. This is different from using the mean of FunImgRC files.