something wrong when using mutiple comparation correction in dpabi

Dear all, 

I have troubling in using  the mutiple  comparation correction in stastical analysis in dpabi .  1.The pic1 shows the error when I was using PT with TECE . It still happened when I changed to the latest version of dpabi or using windows10 or mac system.

2.And when I checked the results of other mutiple  comparation correction result , I could not open the Zmap . The other pic (pic2) shows the error when I was using the viewer. Then I changed the Nmax and Pmax from Inf to a normal figure(pic3), it could  open , but I don't know how to explain the cluster with Z score as Inf(pic4). THX so much.

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I guess there might me something wrong with your data. You can try the StatisticalDemo in DemoData first.

Thanks so much~

Dr Yan , sorry to say that I have used the data online but faced the same problem. Is it have the same function I just use mutiple  comparation correction  in viewer where there was no error occur, THX