something wrong with compatibility?

Dear Dr.Yan,

Last time when I preprocessed the resting state data, the PictureForChkNormalization showed some strange pictures. Today when I try to use rest slice viewer to open the result, it showed the error message as below,

Undefined function 'imresize' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Error in rest_sliceviewer>AddOverlay (line 3200)
                        theOverlay =imresize(theOverlay, floor([(size(theOverlay, 1)-1)*Xvol+1, (size(theOverlay,

Error in rest_sliceviewer>SetView_Orthogonal (line 1748)
  theSagittalImg =AddOverlay('Sagittal' ,AConfig, theSagittalImg,theMagnifyCoefficient);

Error in rest_sliceviewer>SetImage (line 1663)
  Result =SetView_Orthogonal(AConfig);

Error in rest_sliceviewer (line 370)

Error in rest_sliceviewer (line 687)
   rest_sliceviewer('Repaint', AFigHandle);
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Then I also try to use xjview to see the result, it has similar wrong message. By the way, the operation system is Linux, MATLAB2012a, DPARSFA v2.3, rest1.8. The most interesting thing is that dparsfa can process data to the last step and have results without error, but rest and xjview cannot show the result except spm. I would like to know is there something wrong with the compatibility or the operation system lack necessary toolbox?



Hi Fish,

That's because REST Slice Viewer needs Image Processing Toolbox.