Segment error in DPABI

(1) Run log:
Generating AutoMasks begin...
Reading images from "D:\Documents\MATLAB\ProcessingTestData\FunImgR\sub001\r20170712_223434ep2dboldp2s3DAISHENGXIANGs010a001.nii" etc.
Fixed Clip level = 343.162901
Used gradual clip level = 268.560669 ... 438.781226
Number voxel above clip level = 148351;
Clustering voxels...
Largest cluster has 144689 voxels
Erode: npeel = 1, peelthr = 17
Clustering voxels...
Largest cluster has 128233 voxels
Filled  1859 voxels in small holes; Now have 130092 voxels
Filled 78882 voxels in large holes;Erode: npeel = 1, peelthr = 17
Clustering voxels...
Largest cluster has 485913 voxels
Clustering No-brain voxels...
Clustering voxels...
Largest cluster has 176787 no-brain voxels
Mask now has 485913 voxels
485913 voxels in the mask [out of 662700: 73.32%] 
Generating AutoMasks for sub001: OK
Generating AutoMasks finished
Copying coregistered T1 image Files from "T1ImgCoreg":sub001 OK
Segment Setup:sub001 OK
Running job #1
Running 'Segment'
Failed  'Segment'
Error using ==> mtimes
Inner matrix dimensions must agree.
In file "D:\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc8.m" (v4148), function "spm_preproc8" at line 115.
In file "D:\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc_run.m" (v4677), function "run_job" at line 106.
In file "D:\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\toolbox\Seg\spm_preproc_run.m" (v4677), function "spm_preproc_run" at line 30.
In file "D:\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\config\spm_cfg_preproc8.m" (v6148), function "spm_local_preproc_run" at line 417.
The following modules did not run:
Failed: Segment
??? Error using ==> MATLABbatch system
Job execution failed. The full log of this run can be found in MATLAB command window, starting with the lines (look for the line
showing the exact #job as displayed in this error message)
Running job #1
??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
(2) Debug Results:
line 115 of function spm_preproc8:  param=[2  sk.*vx  ff*obj.reg*[1 1e-4 0]];
in which, sk=[3,3,3], vx=[1.0000,1.0001,1.0000], ff=4.6292, obj.reg=[0,0.001,0.5,0.05,0.2], i.e,, dimentsion of obj.reg don't match with [1 1e-4 0].
The automasks it generated wasn't right, either. Pls refer to the attachment pic file.
(3) Configuration
The configuration works well with demodata provided by this website.  I only changed the parameters for slice timing using user-defined .tsv file containing accommodated slice order infomation.
Thanks in advance for any possible solutions.
Image icon automask6.12 KB

I think there is some problem with this specific data.

Dear Dr. Yan,

    I've been trapped in this error for days.  My Fun images are 94 x94x75x240, and T1 images are 248x256x176 in size.

    Any idea what the problem might be?  Great thx.

All the best,

Dongcui Wang, Xiangya Hospital



Try another subject or another dataset to see if the software works. Then debug from there.

The problem with 'Segment+DARTEL' modual has been solved by updating to the latest version of SPM12. Thanks for your attention.


Dongcui Wang.