save interface as picture with 300 dpi


at the moment, the coronal, sagittal and transversal images are not written in 300 dpi when saving them.  Where can I adjust the script such that I can change the dpi of the images to 300 dpi? 


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Something like this:

print -r300 -dtiff -noui XXX.tif

But how to change the code, such that when I use the option "save interface as Picture" in DPABI Viewer, the coronal, sagittal and transversal images will be saved with a higher dpi? At the moment this is not the case but most journals want at least 300 dpi pictures. 

You can edit the tiff with _300dpi suffix.

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I think I found the right line 1460-1462 in DPABI_VIEW.m:

imwrite(TData.cdata, fullfile(Path, [TName, Ext]));
        imwrite(CData.cdata, fullfile(Path, [CName, Ext]));
        imwrite(SData.cdata, fullfile(Path, [SName, Ext]));

Here, imwrite is used instead of print, so the dpi can not be changed. 

I think it's already high-res?