Resting State Preprocessing (Graph Theory)


i have a question regarding the preprocessing of my resting state data for a subsequent investigation based on the graph theory. The common preprocessing procedure for a subsequently graph theory based estimation include the following steps:

* despike
* slice timing correction
* 3D motion correction
* Regression with motion parameters
* Register to MNI

Regarding Aurich et al. (2015) the following steps are also recommended to use:

* Band pass filtering (0.01-0.1)
* CSF/WM regression
* Scrubbing with outliers
* (no smoothing and no global regression)

Now my question: since FIX (Griffanti et al., 2014; Griffanti et al., 2016) is a preprocessing method, which becomes more and more established, would it be a good idea to include FIX in my preprocessing process to create reliable and valid resting state time series (which I then want to estimate using the graph theory)?

I would be pleased with any recommendations!

Kind regards,