REST software _ Beginner User

Dear all,

I have downloaded the RESTplus toolbox from

However, I have some problems in running it. When I press the smoothing command I get the following error:

Undefined operator '-' for input arguments of type 'matlab.ui.control.UIControl'.

Error in restgui_misc>check_if_smooth_after (line 124)


Error in restgui_misc (line 37)


Error in run_BVersionCallback>run_SmoothChekbox (line 424)


Error in run_BVersionCallback (line 91)


Error in repipl>UIcontrolDisplaySet_callback (line 90)


Error while evaluating UIControl Callback

Moreover, it seems matpool is not available on the latest Matlab version (2016). Which is the latest release of REST I can use? Is there a manual I can read to know which options to set and how it works?

I am interestes in calculating measures of local connectivity from resting state fMRI data, such as ALFF and ReOH.

Please advice on what to do.

Thank you very much,

Kind Regards,