ReOH and ALFF maps

Dear experts,

I am wondering whether you can give me more information about ReOh and ALFF maps or suggest some references where I can get the following information:

1) What are the typical ranges and inter subject variability of ALFF and ReOH maps?

2) Do I need to intensity normalise the maps output from DPARSFA for the ALFF and ReOh or can I use the m* output directly in the statistical analysis? If intensity normalisation is needed, could you suggest by what intensity value (whole brain, gm value)?

3) Are ReOh and ALFF measures reliable both in the gm and wm? By this I mean: do I need to mask out by a gm mask as the resting signal might not be of interest in the wm?

More technical question: can I run patients and controls at the same time with DPARSFA? I only need to place each participant data in a different folder in FunRaw/T1Raw, regardless of whether they are patients or controls, is this correct?

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