ReHo Preprocess

Hi. Eeveryone.

1. I was confused by the starting directory  while preprocessing ReHo. Should we start from FunImgARCW and check the "Filter" upon the option of  "Normalize by DARTEL " as shown in the ReHo.png.?

2 Actually, ALFF and fALFF was preprocessed firstly.  The "Filter" after "ALFF+ fALFF" was checked. So FunImgARCWSF was generated. But  FunImgARCWSF  was already smoothed, right? So I guess the starting directory  while preprocessing ReHo should be FunImgARCW, right?

3 . Should the range in the "Band" behind "ALFF+fALFF" be the same as the range in the "Filter" upon  "Normalize by DARTEL "? 

Looking forward to your reply.

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