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Dear all,

                Recently, I met some problems when I  used Dpabi for fMRI data preprocessing .

                1) Usually,after normalization,  error "Function 'subsindex' is not defined for values of class 'matlab.ui.Figure'." will be reported in matlab so that we couln't obtain PicturesForChkNormalization files. Our version of matlab is 2017b in Ubuntu 16.04, how do we work out this problem? Or what's recommend version  of matlab?

                2) Because there are no PicturesForChkNormalization, we only used "wAutomask" file to check effect of normalization for each subject, Is it ok to do? Is there any ways else?

                3) When we check the "wAutomask", we found a strang thing that the max value of this was 0.998 instead of 1 (Picture F1). Then we did preprocessing again, max value changed to 1, but similar to first results, the edge of mask is still not 1  (Picture F2). Autually, all "Automask" (not wAutomask) is normal. So what's the problem? and what we care about is that which threshold could represent true normalized mask (0.998, 1 or the all area with nonzero value).

               4) The last question is about reorient. If we don't choose Reorient T1 and functional image manually, will Dpabi reorient images automatically? Must we reorient images manually?

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Yu Li

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You can click Quality Control and open QC Normalization.

Zero and Non-zero matters, the value itself is not that important.

Reorient is optional.

               Thanks for your answer. Actually, the preprocessed data expanded to the entire space such as Fig3. We just want to restore the true shape. So we try to use the normalized mask (wAuto) to multiply the data, while the problem as we described before was that we can't obtain the binary mask for some subjects.  What should we do?

               We don't want to used groupmask generated in QC. In fact, we want to know how Dpabi calculate  the groupmask when the wAuto files are not binary masks.

You use Mask~=0, turn then non-zeor vaules to 1.

This is what DPABI did.

Hi Yu Li,

Have you solved this problem? I met the same problem when I use matlab2015a, DPASFA 4.4. I used to use DARTEL and the problem did not appear. I am wondering how to solve this problem.

Thank you!