Question about Slice Timing.

Dear Dr. Yan and predecessors,

My original data is NIfTI form, and so my starting directory name is FunImg. The time points 140, so after deleting first 10 points, there should be 130 images for in each patient . But after I finished, I checked the “FumImg” folder of one patient, which is blank. And then I checked the “FumImgA”, I found 260 files in it, where I think should be 130 files. And among these 260 files, there are 130 files' name with a prefix of "a". What’s more, the variable ROISignalsis 260×116 (I chose AAL Atlas as ROIs), not 130×116. I wonder why these happened, and how can I solve them?

Looking forward to you reply. Thank you very much!



You file name under FunImg initiated with letter 'a', which is the prefix of slice timing. Try to rename it first.

Thank you very much. I have another question. I wonder whether I need to process T1 image if I just want to analysis fMRI. In other words, can I omit the steps that processing T1 image, such as reorient, Bet, new segment+DARTEL,etc? Will these steps affect the the functional correlation result? 

You can normalize using EPI template.