Problem with automask

Hi there

I have some problems with the normalisation step. First of all, do I need to run automask if I want to use normalize by using EPI tamplates? What is the best normalisation step? EPI or T1?

If I run automask I get the following error (see attached file).

If I run normalisation without automask, I get an error saying that the automaks does not exist, so I assume I need automask to run the normalization?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance



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1. You can skip Automask. It can help for coregistration between functional images and T1 images. But it can be skipped.

2. New Segment + DARTEL may be the best.

3. You have to install image processing toolbox to perform this step.

4. Re-run from start and check off "automask" can help.