Possible to create interface pictures and montages by script using function of DPABI viewer?


I'm trying to generate the interface and montage pictures automatically via a script. That is, I want to 

1. Load a nifti file (blobs) onto a T1 anatomical image (like in the viewer)

2. Load a colormap for the blobs

3. Specify an x/y/z coordinate

4. Specify an overlay transparency value (i.e. want to set it to 0 )

5. Create the interface pictures automatically (and save to a folder) at the specified coordinates (just like it can be done with the "save interface as Picture" button only via a function/script)


6. I also want to create a montage image with a specified slice orientation, colormap, number of rows, column, beginn and increment value automatically via script


I tried looking for some function in the DPABI viewer folder like w_MontageImage.m but I wasn't able to make it work or figure out how to create interface pictures automatically

Not sure if this is possible to script fully automatically, but maybe there is a way to script it partially so that I don't have to load all the niftis by hand into the Viewer. 

An example script would be helpful or some hints which functions can be of use for that. 


Any help appreciated!






Any hints?



Please see: http://wiki.rfmri.org/content/use-scripts-generate-montage-images-dpabiview