PALM approaches: PT TFCE

Dear Experts

For PT with TFCE, both FDR & Two-tailed were set.

In my understandings, PT were tested at two-tailed P<0.05 with number of permutations being carried out in the analyses. In addition, FDR & FWE were also examined.

  1. What would be a more appropriate way to report such significant results by using the PT with TFCE approaches? (For example, with 10000 permutations)
  2. What would be the case if PT cluster-extent correction were also examined? (For example, voxel thresholds (cluster defining thresholds) of two-tailed P<0.02 (Z>2.33), P<0.01 (Z>2.58), P<0.002 (Z>3.09), and P<0.001 (Z>3.29))

Thaks for considering my questions.

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I suggest you just go ahead with PT with TFCE: