Odd behaviors on warpping masks into individual space


When I used DARSFA2.3 to compute interegional functional connectivity following the steps Calculate in Original Space (warp by information from unified segmentation), I found that I just got "NaN" for  some ROIs for some subjects. For example,  we got "NaN" in a few of subjects, but got values related to ROI1 in the rest of subjects. I checked the ROI1 masks of these wrong "subjects", and found  the images of these masks were empty. 

These ROIs are in MNI space. I think that there was something wrong while warpping masks into individual space. I don't know why warpping works well for some subjects, but bad for the others. And I want to know how to resolve this problem of "bad" warpping. Could do you give me some suggestions?

Regards, Yuan


Hi Yuan,

Have you checked the normalization effect of these subjects? If the normalization effect is not good, those ROIs may not we warped back correctly form MNI space to original space. By the way, is ROI1 is at the edge of the brain?