I have some data gathering with the multi-band/Ts=2s(the filed_mapping_BOLD folder having  50 items), when I use the DPARSFA software for preprocessing, I was told not to do the "slice timing "step, but others said that I should do the "slice timing" in other software, and the data must be "slice timing". I was confused by those opposite view, what should I do then ? Can I use the data processing by the DPARSFA without "slice timing" to do the analyze?

Many thanks!


Hi,I had consulted Dr. Yan the question you asked. 
If you use the DPARSFA software to preprocess MultiBand data, you need to do this step (slice timing).
Firstly, you should abstract the slice order imformation from  header information.
Secondly, you need to save it as a txt file.
Finally,you need to generate a sliceorder.tsv file.
More details can be found in this page -