Minimum cluster size from GRF correction

Dear DPABI expert:

 I was using the DPABI Viewer function to call up the ReHo statictical image and applied GRF correction (80percent group mask, voxle p=0.01, cluter p=0.01, two-tailed) to determine the significant regions.

The degree of smooth following the parameters set as above was : 

FWHMx = 7.633823 voxels
FWHMy = 8.321633 voxels
FWHMz = 7.949044 voxels
FWHMx = 11.450735 mm
FWHMy = 12.482449 mm
FWHMz = 11.923566 mm
DLH = 0.009142
VOLUME = 521573
RESELS = 504.969979
In the end, The Minimum cluster size for voxel p threshold 0.010000 and cluster p threshold 0.010000 is 1972.000000 voxels, which seems to large. I am not sure if this is a valid threshold and am seeking your advice.



It seems big. Why do you want to set p < 0.01 after correction? p < 0.05 after correction (cluster level) should be enough.



Noted with thanks, Chao-Gan.