Longitudinal resting state fMRI Analyses

Dear Prof. Yan,

I wold like to run a longitudinal seed-based analysis on resting state functional connectivity with DPARSFA . I am already familiar with the cross-sectional analyses with your software, but I would like to know how I can improve the analyses considering the presence of 2 time points (1 year apart) in the preprocessing. 

Thank you in advanced,



Please set up a new directory named "S2_FunRaw" (for DICOM) or "S2_FunImg" (for NIFTI) under your working directory. Then set "Functional Sessions #:" to 2. "Functional Sessions #:" is on the DPARSFA panel, just by the "Starting Directory Name" which you must be familiar with.

If you have multiple T1 sessions, you can set up new directories named "Session_1", "Session_2" under "T1Raw" or "T1Img".

As they were scanned 1 year apart, just preprocess them as two participants. And take care the logitudinal at the group analysis stage.